Bust Half Dimes

We recently obtained a very colorful 1829 half dime in PCGS MS-63, an 1800 LM-2 and two 1800 LM-4 half dimes!  We also have a nice 1830 LM-1.2 in PCGS AU-55, plus an 1833 LM-2, and an 1837 LM-5. 

1800 Half Dime LM-2 R7 NGC EF det., damaged
The fifth LM-2 I have handled out of 10 - 12 known. Really rare die pairing. The damage consists of scratches on the portrait and marks on the reverse. The diagnostics are very clear, and if you collect this series by die marriage, there aren't many coins to choose from and most of those are tied up in collections.
Price: $3,850
1800 LM-4 R7 PCGS Genuine, bent, F det.
A decent example of the very rare LM-4 die marriage. All diagnostics are clear. Approximately 9 known LM-4's, and this coin is the 5th one we have handled.
Price: $3,850
1800 LM-4 R7 PCGS Genuine, Bent, G details
About 8 - 9 known. I have handled 5 of these. A low grade one, but certainly an acceptable example of this rare die marriage.
Price: $2,950
1829 LM-18 R5 VG-8, scrs.
Was $80.
Price Reduced
Price: $60
1830 LM-1.2 V10 R-4 PCGS AU-55
Labeled on the slab as LM-1.1, but it has the die crack from the right wing tip to the arrow shafts, and die crack from top of R to top of I to left side of C. Therefore it is an LM-1.2. But it is a very nice high grade example of LM-1.2 with decent lustre and an original look. I sent this back to PCGS for reattribution and they still believe it is an LM-1.1. However, the die cracks I mentioned above are still on the coin, so I still contend that it is an LM-1.2. Was $495.
Price Reduced
Price: $450
1832 LM-3 R1 PCGS MS-64+
Wonderful toning just as shown on the PCGS TrueView photo. A very attractive Capped Bust half dime!
Price: $2,000
1833 LM-1 R-3 V-7 AU50 clnd, pinscr, scrs
Was $175.
Price Reduced
Price: $135
1833 LM-2 R-6+ PCGS VG-8
Was $575.
Price Reduced
Price: $400
1833 LM-3.2 R2 PCGS AU-58
Price: $1,550
1835 LM-5.1 R-3 PCGS AU-55
R3 in the book, but try to find one, especially a true LM-5.1. This half dime has none of the markers of LM-5.2.
Price: $1,350
1836 LM-4 R-2 V-2 PCGS Small 5c VF30 original, pinscrs
Was $150.
Price Reduced
Price: $125
1837 LM-5 R-1 AU-53 ex NGC
Was $275.
Price Reduced
Price: $225
I have retired as a full-time coin dealer.

Accordingly, this website is now closed.

Thank you for your business and friendship over the years.

- - Rich Uhrich