Bust Half Dimes

We recently obtained a very colorful 1829 half dime in PCGS MS-63, an 1800 LM-2 and two 1800 LM-4 half dimes!  We also have a nice 1830 LM-1.2 in PCGS AU-55, plus an 1833 LM-2, and an 1837 LM-5. 

1800 LM-4 R7 PCGS Genuine, bent, F det.
A decent example of the very rare LM-4 die marriage. All diagnostics are clear. Approximately 9 known LM-4's, and this coin is the 5th one we have handled.
Price: $3,850
1800 LM-4 R7 PCGS Genuine, Bent, G details
About 8 - 9 known. I have handled 5 of these. A low grade one, but certainly an acceptable example of this rare die marriage.
Price: $2,950
1829 LM-18 R5 VG-8, scrs.
Was $80.
Price Reduced
Price: $60
1830 LM-1.2 V10 R-4 PCGS AU-55
Labeled on the slab as LM-1.1, but it has the die crack from the right wing tip to the arrow shafts, and die crack from top of R to top of I to left side of C. Therefore it is an LM-1.2. But it is a very nice high grade example of LM-1.2 with decent lustre and an original look. I sent this back to PCGS for reattribution and they still believe it is an LM-1.1. However, the die cracks I mentioned above are still on the coin, so I still contend that it is an LM-1.2. Was $495.
Price Reduced
Price: $450
1833 LM-1 R-3 V-7 AU50 clnd, pinscr, scrs
Was $175.
Price Reduced
Price: $135
1833 LM-3.2 R2 PCGS AU-58
Price: $1,550
1835 LM-5.1 R-3 PCGS AU-55
R3 in the book, but try to find one, especially a true LM-5.1. This half dime has none of the markers of LM-5.2.
Price: $1,350
1836 LM-4 R-2 V-2 PCGS Small 5c VF30 original, pinscrs
Was $150.
Price Reduced
Price: $125
1837 LM-5 R-1 AU-53 ex NGC
Was $275.
Price Reduced
Price: $225
I have retired as a full-time coin dealer.

Accordingly, this website is now closed.

Thank you for your business and friendship over the years.

- - Rich Uhrich