Seated Dimes

We have 1864 and 1866 PCGS graded business strikes!  Our other Seated Dimes for sale include an 1838 cracked obverse, 1859-S in VG-10, two 1863-S including a PCGS F-12, a nice 1870-S in PCGS VG-8, and a nice 1878-CC in PCGS AU-50.  We would like to acquire dimes such as 1863 thru 1867 P mints, 1871-CC thru 1873-CC, and 1874 No Arrows (Polished Arrows).

1837 Sm. Date F-103b R6 G-4
Price: $85
1838 F-106a Cracked obv. R4 VG-8
Price: $75
1840-O No Drapery PCGS VF-35
Price: $400
1841-O F-104c R5 VG-8, obv. dig
Price: $40
1842-O Small o VF-20, scratches
Was $175.
Price Reduced
Price: $115
1842-O Medium O F-12, obv. scrs.
Was $100.
Price Reduced
Price: $50
1843-O PCGS VG-8
Was $360.
Price Reduced
Price: $330
1845 F-102 R6 EF-40 clnd.
Was $225.
Price Reduced
Price: $190
1858-S VF-20, very slight bend
A difficult to locate coin in VF. Bend is not severe, but it does exist.
Price: $725
1859-S VG-10
Was $650.
Price Reduced
Price: $600
1863-S PCGS F-12
Was $325.
Price Reduced
Price: $275
1864 Dime PCGS F-15, rare business strike
A coin you just don't see in middle grades, especially as choice as this coin is. Was $1,550.
Price Reduced
Price: $1,350
1866 PCGS AG-3, F-102b, business strike
Definitely the Philadelphia Mint coin because the date slopes upward left to right. Obverse is a full Good-6, reverse wreath is worn into rim at K-7 thru K-9, otherwise reverse would be Good-4. A very difficult date and a coin for which I paid over $1,000. Was $1,300.
Price Reduced
Price: $1,200
1868 VF-20
pinscratches, ticks, microcorrosion. Was $90.
Price: $75
1870-S PCGS VG-8
Was $675.
Price Reduced
Price: $625
1875-CC Below Wreath F-104 R3 VF-30
Was $115.
Price Reduced
Price: $100
1875-S Above Wreath EF-40
Light in color, but a nice example of the much more difficult Mintmark Above Wreath 1875-S.
Price: $95
1875-S In Wreath VF
Much, much scarcer than any of the 1875-S Under Wreath or the 1875-CC In or Under Wreath dimes.
Price: $80
1875-S In Wreath F-12
Price: $60
1876-CC Type 1 EF-45
Nice original coin with some lustre on both sides.
Price: $90
1876-CC Type 2 Rev. VG-8
The much more difficult to find Type 2. Was $125.
Price Reduced
Price: $100
1878-CC PCGS AU-50 F-101 Type 1 rev., R4
A darker original coin that is full AU, but only grades 50 as any lustre is hidden by the toning. Was $875.
Price Reduced
Price: $700
1879 PCGS Gen., XF det., rim damage
Was $475.
Price Reduced
Price: $425