Seated Halves

We have a nice 1842 Small Date in NGC MS-63, and a fabulous 1859 in PCGS PR-64 and an equally fabulous 1869 in PCGS PR-65, both of which have wonderful color on both sides! 

We also have an 1861-O Union-minted half, an 1861-O WB-102 early die state before the die crack, an 1861-O WB-103 in PCGS VF-35, an 1875-S Micro s in PCGS VF-25, plus an 1886 Proof-55 and an 1891 in AU-58.

1839 No Drapery VF-30
Another example of the tough to find 1839 No Drapery. Was $1,150.
Price: $800
1840-O PCGS Gen., altered surf., AU details
Price: $360
1843 ANACS VG-10, retained cud under date
a very difficult variety to find, and usually found in low grade. Was $175.
Price Reduced
Price: $150
1844 WB-102 F-15
WB-6 variety, with repunched 18 and a nice internal cud in the reverse shield. Was $225.
Price Reduced
Price: $165
1850-S F-12 altered from 1860-S
Date has been altered from 1860-S, to make a fantasy coin, as the San Francisco Mint was not opened until 1854. Alteration isn't the best quality, but this is the first 1850-S half I have seen.
Price: $125
1853-O W/Arrows & Rays WB-101 WB-14 EF-40
Price: $400
1854-O WB-28 VLDS reverse date VF-35
A partial date is visible at the top of the reverse side of the coin. Was $275.
Price Reduced
Price: $200
1858 DDO F-15
original look except for some rubbing in r. obv. field. Was $120.
Price Reduced
Price: $100
1861-O Union minted, AU, lt. clnd.
Clearly a W-1A as it has the tine on the first 1 in the date, and the lapped feathers in the left facing wing. Coin is a bit more colorful than the mostly brown picture.
Price: $4,000
1861-O WB-102 EDS no die crack PCGS AU-53
Was $2,750.
Price Reduced
Price: $2,200
1861-O WB-104 speared bud rev. VF-30
slight reverse rim filing above "UN".
Price: $450
1876 WB-107, 8 in denticles AU-50
Was $500.
Price Reduced
Price: $340
1886 PF-55
A circulated proof that would fit well into an AU set.
Price: $1,000
1891 AU-58
Was $875. Very attractive toning.
Price: $800
I have retired as a full-time coin dealer.

Accordingly, this website is now closed.

Thank you for your business and friendship over the years.

- - Rich Uhrich