Bust Quarters

We are offering a nice 1818 B-9 with the arrows clash on the obverse in NGC F-15, an 1825 B-1 in PCGS F-12, an 1825 B-2 with the "E" counterstamp in NGC AU-50 plus 1834 B-2 and B-5's.  There are 97 Browning varieties of Bust quarters, of which we have handled 94! 

BOOKS:  We have both books  Early Quarter Dollars of the United States Mint 1796 - 1838 by Rea, Peterson, Karoleff, and Kovach, and Early United States Quarters 1796 - 1838 by Tompkins.  Both books are excellent and you can read about them (and order) in our "Books" page. 

1806 B-7 R-5 PCGS Genuine, VF-20
scratches on shield. Was $3,700.
Price Reduced
Price: $2,000
1807 B-2 R-3 PCGS VG-10
The 1807 B-2 is a much scarcer variety than the B-1.
Price: $1,000
1818 B-5 R4+ VF-20 or close
Was $675.
Price Reduced
Price: $600
1818 B-9 Quarter w/clash NGC F-15
A distinct clash, and also nice original color! The last comparable 1818 B-9 LDS I sold was an NGC VF-30 that sold for over $8,500.
Price: $4,500
1818 B-9 EDS R-5+ PCGS VG-8, choice
Was $995.
Price Reduced
Price: $900
1825 Quarter B-1 PCGS F-12
Price: $1,950
1825 B-2 Quarter with E counterstamp NGC AU-50
Second nicest 1825 "E" quarter I have seen, and by far the rarest of the 4 counterstamped 1815 and 1825 quarters.
Price: $3,250
1825 B-2 VG-8+, retained cud
(late) die state of the cud at the arrows on the reverse. Was $1,750.
Price Reduced
Price: $1,100
1825 B-2 PCGS G-6, intermediate
die state of the cud at the arrows on the reverse. Was $1,600.
Price: $1,150
1834 B-2 R4 PCGS VF-30
A coin with EF details which was net graded due to slight roughness on the portrait and a planchet defect on the reverse.
Price: $595
1834 B-5 R-5 VF-20, marks
Was $300.
Price Reduced
Price: $250