We have reduced prices on every book we have except the latest (Sept. 2017) edition of "Buffalo Nickels - The Abraded Die Varieties" by Ron Pope which we just got in stock, and the rare record "Our Love Is Rarer Than A 1909-S.V.D.B. Cent" which would make a perfect gift for the Lincoln cent collector! 

Please note that for all books, stock photos are used, because obviously we will not photograph every copy of every book we sell.  
All books are shipped separately from your coin order via USPS media mail and are packed in BOXES with bubble wrap for protection.  If you want your book more quickly, we can ship via priority mail for an additional $10 in addition to our normal postage charge.

Bust Dime Variety Identification Guide
By Winston Zack, Louis Scuderi, and Michael Sherrill. Brand new book that helps you identify all of the varieties in the 1792 - 1837 early and capped bust dime series. Includes info on die states, cuds, rarity ratings, and has full color photos of every variety. A wonderful book! Our price of $40 includes media mail postage. (Note: the website's shopping cart will automatically include a $10 shipping charge, please ignore this charge for this book.) Was $49.
Price Reduced
Price: $40
Buffalo Nickels Abraded Die Varieties - NEW EDITION
By Ron Pope. BRAND NEW EDITION! - - Buffalo Nickels - The Abraded Die Varieties. The best guide focusing on varieties caused by abraded dies, such as 2 feather, 3 leg, 3 1/2 leg, and no F (designer's initial) Buffaloes. Also contains a section on the 1914/3 varieties. A huge amount of information here you won't find anywhere else. The book has been condensed by removing sections on striking characteristics. Therefore, the book states 1st edition dated September 2017, but it really isn't as it was published previously (in the longer version). Market values were changed, plus several No F, 2 1/2 feather, and Partial F varieties have been added! WE HAVE ONLY 1 BOOK LEFT!
Price: $30
The Mint on Carson Street by Rusty Goe
Seems pricey, but Rusty says that they sell for around $400, and he doesn't have any for sale. Near-new. Was $320. SOLD OUT!
On Hold
Price: $295
Record (45) Our Love Is Rarer Than A 1909-S.V.D.B. Cent
by The Rockway's. Issued in 1975, this is a 15th Anniversary printing done in 1990. Run time 2:25. Postage will cost you $5 for this record and it will be packaged so it will get to you in perfect condition.
Price: $10
I have retired as a full-time coin dealer.

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