This page contains all dimes other than Bust and Seated dimes.  It includes a rare proof 1893/2 dime, and some Roosevelt dime varieties for sale, as well as some decent non-variety Roosevelt dimes.
1892 AU-50, cool die crack on "2"
Price: $165
1893/2 PR-64 SEGS very rare coin
The 1893/2 has both a business strike version and a proof version, and the overdate is clearly different. The business strike overdate has a horizontal line beneath the 2, while the proof overdate has a diagonal line beneath the 2. Was $12,000.
Price Reduced
Price: $9,500
1919 DDO PCGS VG-8
This variety was recently discovered and was pictured on the front page of Coin World early in 2015! For such an obvious doubled die to go unnoticed for 95 years, it must be quite rare! An XF-40 just sold for $9,075. This coin is a lower grade and is more affordable. Was $5,500.
Price: $3,995
1947-S/S RPM-504 PCGS MS-64
Was $90.
Price Reduced
Price: $70
1953 PCGS MS-65 QA, flashy red, orange and gold toning on obverse
With QA check. Gorgeous obverse on this coin! Was $275.
Price Reduced
Price: $225
1958-D NGC MS-67 toned
Coin came from Onlyroosies on PCGS message board. He had purchased it from Rainbowroosies. So if you want a very nicely toned Roosevelt dime that was previously owned by two major collectors of Roosevelt dimes, this might be the coin for you! Was $300.
Price Reduced
Price: $250
1962 PCGS MS-67FB
A 1962 NGC MS-67* FT recently sold for $1,998. There is only one higher graded 1962 at PCGS. Was $1,650.
Price Reduced
Price: $595
1962 PCGS MS-66 obverse toned
Was $60.
Price Reduced
Price: $45
1963 PCGS MS-64 DDR FS-805
Was $150.
Price Reduced
Price: $135
1964-D/D RPM FS-501 PCGS MS-64
Was $100.
Price Reduced
Price: $85
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- - Rich Uhrich