Bust Dimes
We just acquired a 1798/7 13 star reverse (R6) in PCGS VG-8, an 1809 in PCGS VG-8, and an 1820 JR-12 (R6) in PCGS VG-8.  We also have a nice 1811/09 in PCGS F-12, two 1814 STATESOFAMERICA in PCGS VF-35 and PCGS VF-30, a nice 1825 JR-5 in PCGS F-12, a wonderful 1829 Curl Base 2 in PCGS VG-8 that is very affordable, two 1829 Sm/Lg 10c, and an 1835 from the Eric Newman Collection.  Our Bust Dimes for sale also include the 1802 with the rare obverse cud, a nice 1805 in ANACS G-6, an 1827/7 JR-1 in NGC MS-62 plus two graded VF's, an 1827 JR-3 dime in PCGS MS-64, an 1828 Large Date in PCGS AU-53, a prooflike 1828 Small Date in NGC MS-60, an 1829 JR-7 in PCGS MS-63, two of the rare 1833 JR-3 (AU details and VF details), plus several other Bust dimes in collector grades.  We have some lower grade examples of R-3 and better varieties for collectors with a budget.  We would like to acquire dimes such as 1804, 1809, 1822, and any R-6 or rarer varieties.
1796 PCGS Gen., holed and/or plugged
Fine details. Still a decent representative of this rare date. JR-4 R4. Was $2,900.
Price Reduced
Price: $2,250
1798/7 13 star rev. PCGS VG-8 JR-2
A very nice example of this very rare variety (R6). PCGS has graded 17 coins, and they estimate there are 20 to 30 known. Only two VG-8's have been graded by PCGS.
Price: $10,500
1802 JR-4 PCGS Gen., Fine-12
VLDS with obverse retained cud over star 7 and LIBE(RTY), Very rare die state; according to Price there are less than 10 known with the die crack and the Price coin had the die crack but it had not progressed to the retained cud state. Was $7,500.
Price Reduced
Price: $4,500
1805 ANACS G-6
The scarcer 5 berries variety (JR-1, R3). And a very nice original coin.
Price: $1,200
1805 Fine, clnd., several scratches
Was $675.
Price Reduced
Price: $600
1805 AG-3+
Was $500.
Price Reduced
Price: $450
1805 AG-3/Fr-2
Was $300.
Price Reduced
Price: $250
1807 AG3+/G-4, clnd., several scratches
Was $400.
Price Reduced
Price: $350
1807 Fr-2
Price: $179
1809 Fine details, very slight bend
Was $1,200.
Price: $900
1809 PCGS VG-8
It's been quite a while since we had an 1809 dime in a PCGS graded holder.
Price: $1,550
1811/09 PCGS F-12
Price: $950
1814 Small Date VF-20, marks
Price: $550
1814 JR-1 Small Date VF-25
Price: $575
1814 JR-2 VF-20
120 degree clockwise rotated reverse die.
Price: $725
Price: $2,950
Price: $1,750
Price: $350
1820 JR-5 R4 ANACS EF-45
Price: $550
1820 JR-11 R3 PCGS VF-35
Was $495.
Price Reduced
Price: $400
1820 JR-12 R6 PCGS VG-8
A very rare variety. And a good coin for a collector chasing all of the die marriages in the Capped Bust Dimes set.
Price: $2,500
1820 JR-9 R4 VF-35
Price: $550
1821 JR-2 R-6+ F-VF detail, attempted puncture
Was $2,250.
Price Reduced
Price: $1,225
1821 JR-5 R-3 Lg. Date VF-25
Price: $225
1821 JR-7 R2 Lg Dt PCGS F-15
Was $195.
Price Reduced
Price: $165
1823/2 JR-1 R3 VF-20
Price: $300
1824/2 JR-1 G-7
Price: $150
1824/2 JR-1 G-6
Price: $150
1824/2 JR-2 R5+ G-4
no issues, just wear.
Price: $475
1825 JR-2 R-2 PCGS XF-40 CAC
Price: $925
1825 JR-3 R-3 PCGS VF-30
Although it is listed as an R3, this is a very difficult variety to find.
Price: $975
1825 JR-4 R-2 F-12, rev. scrs.
Coin has a nice "circulated cameo" look.
Price: $140
1825 Dime JR-5 R5 PCGS F-12
Price: $900
1827/7 Dime JR-1 NGC MS-62
A rare coin in this grade, this is the 3rd finest known of this variety. The Davis coin (PCGS MS-62) sold for $10,350 and was not as attractive as this coin.
Price: $9,750
1827/7 JR-1 R4, PCGS VF-35 CAC Pedigreed
to the David J. Davis Collection and so noted by PCGS on the holder.
Price: $1,250
1827/7 JR-1 R4, NGC VF-30
Price: $775
1827 JR-2 R5 F-12
Price: $700
1827 JR-2 R5 PCGS VG-8
Price: $900
1827 JR-3 R1 PCGS MS-64
Price: $3,950
1828 Large Date PCGS AU-53
A very difficult coin to find in this grade, even more so in a PCGS holder.
Price: $3,750
1828 Large Date VF-30 obv. scrs.
Nice obverse toning. A tough date over Fine grade. Heritage sold a PCGS VF-25 recently for $1,380.
Price: $850
1828 Large Date F-15
Price: $500
1828 Sm Date NGC MS-60
Has quite a bit of prooflike surfaces remaining.
Price: $1,950
1829 Curl Base 2 Dime PCGS VG-8
The rare 1829 Curl Base 2 (JR-10). A nice coin and in nice undamaged condition, many Curl Base 2's are damaged. According to Coinfacts, only two higher graded coins have been sold within the last 10 years (a PCGS VF-30 and an ANACS VF-20). This is therefore a significant opportunity to acquire a nice, no problem Curl Base 2 in a PCGS holder. From the Nov. 2006 Stack's sale, where it brought $10,350. A Fine, bent coin sold for $9,988 in mid-January. Isn't this one a much better value? This coin is the plate coin for VG-8 in the book "Grading Coins by Photographs".
Price: $8,500
1829 JR-1 R4+ Extra Large 10C, PCGS VF-25 CAC
Price: $900
1829 JR-3 R4 Small 10C, PCGS VF-20 CAC
Was $500.
Price Reduced
Price: $395
1829 JR-4 R2 Small 10C, PCGS XF-40
Price: $625
1829 JR-6 R3 VG-8
Price: $50
1829 JR-7 R1 Small 10C, PCGS MS-63
Price: $1,800
1829 JR-9 R4 Sm/Lg 10C, EF-40, clnd.
Price: $500
1829 JR-9 R4 Sm/Lg 10C, PCGS VG-8
Was $425.
Price Reduced
Price: $360
1829 JR-11 R4+ Medium 10C, PCGS F-15
Was $475.
Price Reduced
Price: $400
1830 JR-7 R4 PCGS VF-30 CAC Medium 10C
Price: $550
1830 JR-7 R4 PCGS VF-30 Medium 10C
Was $450.
Price Reduced
Price: $375
1831 JR-5 R1 PCGS XF-45
Was $500.
Price Reduced
Price: $460
1832 JR-3 R-3 AU-58 cleaned & retoned
Coin has retained cud at (AMERIC)A and top two arrows.
Price: $900
1832 JR-3 R-3 G-4
Coin has retained cud at (AMERIC)A and top two arrows.
Price: $95
1833 JR-3 R6 AU details, clnd.
Ex Jules Reiver collection. In an NCS holder marked "AU details, improperly cleaned". Coin needs time to tone back.
Price: $5,950
1833 JR-3 R6 PCGS Gen., VF details, smoothed
JR-3 marked on the holder. Coin has been cleaned, and the smoothing is not objectionable. A chance to pick up this rare die variety for a reasonable cost.
Price: $2,850
1833 JR-7 R-5 F-15, clnd.
Price: $275
1833 JR-8 R-5 PCGS XF-45 CAC
Price: $975
1833 JR-8 R-5 PCGS VF-20
Price: $650
1834 JR-2 R-5 G-6
Price: $175
1834 JR-4 R5 PCGS XF-45
Price: $875
1834 JR-6 R2 PCGS VF-35
Was $260.
Price Reduced
Price: $225
1834 JR-6 with 2 reverse cuds, G-4
Price: $90
1835 JR-2 R4 PCGS VF-25
Was $275.
Price Reduced
Price: $225
1835 JR-3 NGC AU-58 ex Eric Newman, Col. Green
Price: $1,000
1835 JR-6 R4 ANACS AU-58
Price: $1,100
1835 JR-7 R5 ANACS EF-40
The obverse pic accurately shows the coin's color on both sides. Was $475.
Price Reduced
Price: $395
1836 JR-1 R3 PCGS F-12
Price: $175
1836 JR-1 R3 G-6
Price: $55
1837 JR-3 R2 VG-8
Price: $55
1837 JR-3 R2 VG-8
Price: $50