Bust Dimes
We just acquired an 1821 JR-2 in PCGS VF-20, an 1828 Large Date BROCKAGE, and an 1833 JR-7 in NGC AU-58!  We also have an 1802 in NGC AU-55, an 1803 JR-5 (the finest of 5 known of this variety), both 1814 and 1820 STATESOFAMERICA dimes in PCGS AU, an 1820 Office Boy Reverse in NGC MS-62, an 1821 JR-2 in Good-5, an 1822 in PCGS G-4, an 1824/2 JR-2, an 1825 JR-5 in PCGS F-12, an 1827 JR-2 in PCGS VF-25, an 1827 JR-12 in PCGS MS-64, two of the rare 1833 JR-3's, plus several other Bust dimes in collector grades.  Many of these coins would be of interest to collectors with a budget.  We would like to acquire dimes such as 1804, 1809, 1822, and any R-6 or rarer varieties.

We also have the new book Bust Dime Variety Identification Guide, by Winston Zack, Louis Scuderi, and Michael Sherrill.  See our Books page to order this great book with free shipping.
1802 JR-2 R5 PCGS Gen., Good det., bent
A decent low-grade example of this rare early date. I didn't see a bend before I sent it to PCGS, so I don't know exactly where it is.
Price: $1,900
1802 Dime JR-4 R4 NGC AU-55
A nice high-grade example of the very difficult to find 1802 dime. The reverse die for this variety was previously used to strike 1802 BD-1 quarter eagles, and after the 1802 JR-4 dimes, it was used again for the 1803 JR-2 dimes. Fewer than 6 mint state examples are known of this die marriage. (This information from the Bust Dime Variety Identification Guide).
Price: $14,950
1803 JR-5 Dime R7+ NCS XF details, envir. dmg.
The finest of only five known of this rare die marriage, and it is also the Ed Price discovery coin. Pictured in the new Bust Dime Variety Identification Guide. Was $22,500.
Price Reduced
Price: $18,500
1809 Fine details, very slight bend
Was $900.
Price Reduced
Price: $675
1814 JR-2 PCGS VF-20
120 degree clockwise rotated reverse die.
Price: $825
JR-5 R-3. A really difficult variety in this high grade. The wonderfully toned PCGS AU-58 I had a couple of years ago sold at ANA for $16,000. Stacks Bowers just sold an AU-58 for $11,456, and I have priced this coin at HALF of the AU-58 price! Population is 2 in 55, 3 in 58, and 1 in 62 with NONE higher. And all of the AU's except this one are in collectors' hands.
Price: $5,728
The nicest 1820 SOA dime we have handled, and a very attractive coin. JR-1, R4. PCGS Population 3 in 58, 8 higher.
Price: $6,500
1820 JR-1 R4 STATESOFAMERICA ANACS VG details net G-6
Was $140.
Price Reduced
Price: $120
1820 JR-2 R3 VG-8 scratches
Price: $50
1820 JR-6 notched stars R3 VF-20 or close
Price: $275
1820 JR-12 R6 G-4 / G-6
Price: $995
1820 JR-12 NGC AG-3
Price: $495
1821 Dime JR-2 R5 PCGS VF-20
A crusty original example of this rare variety. The rarity rating has gone down recently as a number of very low-grade coins have been found, but this is a very rare coin in this high a grade.
Price: $4,750
1821 JR-2 R6 G-5
Was $1,000.
Price Reduced
Price: $900
1821 JR-2 R6 AG-3/G-4, attempted hole
Was $389.
Price Reduced
Price: $299
1821 Lg. Date JR-6 R2 F-12, scratch
Price: $60
1821 JR-7 R2 Lg Dt PCGS F-15
Price: $165
1821 JR-8 R2 Small Date PCGS VF-30
Price: $400
1821 Small Date JR-9 VG-8
Decent original example of the more difficult Small Date.
Price: $105
1822 Dime PCGS G-4
The Capped Bust dime everyone seems to be looking for. It's even more difficult to find in a PCGS holder. I'd say the obverse easily makes Good-6, the reverse is just slightly weaker, although no one would complain about this coin in a G-6 holder. 1822 dimes in PCGS holders don't last long in my inventory, so act quickly!
Price: $2,995
1823 Lg. E's JR-3 VG-10 obv. / F-12 rev.
A nice no-problem example of the 1823 Large E's.
Price: $165
1824/2 JR-2 Dime R5 PCGS Gen., envir. dmg., XF det.
Was $2,500!
Price Reduced
Price: $1,850
1825 JR-1 NGC F-12 ex Reiver
Price: $225
1825 JR-2 R2 F-12 or close original
Price: $150
1825 JR-2 R2 VG-8, rim bump
Price: $125
1825 JR-4 R2 ANACS F-12
Price: $175
1825 JR-5 R5 PCGS F-12
Was $800.
Price Reduced
Price: $425
1827/7 JR-1 VG-8
A difficult variety. Priced to move. Was $225.
Price Reduced
Price: $170
1827 JR-2 PCGS VF-25
Price: $1,950
1827 JR-2 R5 F-12
Was $700.
Price: $595
1827 JR-2 R5 G-6, pinscratches
Was $295.
Price Reduced
Price: $250
1827 JR-2 R5 G-6, scratches
Was $195.
Price Reduced
Price: $150
1827 JR-7 R3 VG-10 details, corrosion, attempted repair
Price: $29
1827 JR-8 R4 VF-20
Was $360.
Price Reduced
Price: $300
1827 JR-9 R-4 PCGS F-12
Price: $525
1827 JR-9 R-5 F-15
with some claims to VF. A few small scratches consistent with the grade. Was $425.
Price Reduced
Price: $295
1827 JR-9 F-15, rev. rim bump
Was $250.
Price Reduced
Price: $200
1827 Dime JR-12 PCGS MS-64
Bust dimes in MS-64 are difficult to find, and this is a nice one. Was $8,650.
Price Reduced
Price: $6,950
1827 JR-14 R8 PCGS VG-8 - - Recent Discovery
A just-discovered example of this ultra-rare die marriage with only TWO known. Found by a client, who sent me the coin, and the attribution has been confirmed by Brad Karoleff and PCGS. The owner is not selling it at this time. NOT FOR SALE!!!
Price: $0
1828 Large Date PCGS F-12
Price: $500
1828 Large Date F-12, scrs., clnd.
Price: $200
1829 JR-1 R4+ Extra Large 10C, G-6 / VG-8
Price: $85
1829 JR-1 R4 ANACS AG-3
Was $40.
Price Reduced
Price: $30
1829 JR-2 PCGS AU-55
Price: $900
1829 JR-3 R4 Small 10C, PCGS VF-20 CAC
Was $395.
Price Reduced
Price: $300
1829 JR-3 R4 VF-25
Price: $275
1829 Small 10c PCGS AU-55
Price: $800
1829 JR-8 VG-8
Price: $200
1829 JR-8 R-4 PCGS XF-45+
A much rarer variety than most collectors realize. A coin that is choice because of its originality.
Price: $1,650
1830 JR-1 PCGS VG-8 CAC reverse cud
Price: $550
1830 JR-7 R4 G-4, x on portrait
Was $39.
Price Reduced
Price: $19
1830 JR-1 PCGS G-6 CAC
Cud on the reverse at UNI.
Price: $325
1830 JR-7 R4 PCGS VF-30 CAC Medium 10C
Was $550.
Price Reduced
Price: $360
1831 JR-1 R1 VG-8
Price: $35
1831 JR-4 R2 VG-8
Price: $45
1831 JR-5 R1 VG-10, scrs., rim nick
Price: $35
1831 JR-5 R1 G-4
Price: $35
1832 JR-2 R2 VG-8 several pinscrs
Price: $30
1832 JR-2 R2 VG-10 pinscrs, dark, clnd & retoned
Price: $30
1832 JR-3 R-3 G-4
Coin has retained cud at (AMERIC)A and top two arrows.
Price: $95
1832 JR-3 R-3 G-4 / AG-3
Coin has retained cud at (AMERIC)A and top two arrows.
Price: $50
1832 JR-6 R3 G-4 / AG-3
Price: $25
1833 JR-3 R6 PCGS Gen., VF details, smoothed
JR-3 marked on the holder. Coin has been cleaned, and the smoothing is not objectionable. A chance to pick up this rare die variety for a reasonable cost.
Price: $1,995
1833 JR-3 R6 PCGS VF-20
A very rare variety in a clean graded PCGS holder. Very nice coin, for the advanced collector of this series. The variety is designated by PCGS on the holder. Only 4 graded by PCGS, 55, 30, 25 and 20. Bust dime expert Winston Zack examined this coin at ANA and believes it is undergraded.
Price: $3,650
1833 JR-4 R1 VG-8, cud on reverse
Was $75.
Price Reduced
Price: $60
1833 Dime JR-7 Reiver NGC AU-58
The recently issued Bust Dime Variety Identification Guide notes that the JR-7 is difficult to find above VF, although at least three Mint State examples are known. an MS-62 sold for $11,500 last year.
Price: $5,950
1833 JR-7 R5 ANACS G details net AG-3
Was $60.
Price Reduced
Price: $45
1833 JR-7 R4+ VG-8, obv. scr.
Was $140.
Price Reduced
Price: $115
1834 JR-3 R-6 VG-8/G-4 minus
Was $140.
Price Reduced
Price: $100
1834 JR-5 R1 F-12 dig cheek, couple obv scrs
Price: $40
1835 JR-2 R4 PCGS VF-25
Was $225.
Price Reduced
Price: $200
1835 JR-2 R4 EF-40, scratches, microcorrosion
Was $115.
Price Reduced
Price: $100
1835 JR-1 R1 PCGS VF-25 very original
Price: $295
1835 JR-6 R4 ANACS VG-8
2 sm. digs. Was $80.
Price Reduced
Price: $70
1835 JR-7 R4 G-4 / AG-3 obv scrs
Price: $30
1835 JR-9 R2 VG-8
Price: $40
1836 JR-1 R3 G-6
Was $55.
Price Reduced
Price: $45
1837 JR-3 R2 VG-8
Price: $55