Half Cents & Cents

We recently acquired the highest graded (by PCGS) 1912 Matte Proof Lincoln cent, which has wonderful color!  We have some nicely toned half cents and cents, and also a couple of tough varieties.

1849 half cent Large Date PCGS MS-63BN
Coin has a very pleasant violet hue that shows up well in this TrueView photo from PCGS. Was $1,650.
Price Reduced
Price: $1,500
1912 Lincoln cent PCGS PR67BN, wonderful toning!
Wonderful color on this coin, and it is also the highest graded proof of this date by PCGS! The PCGS Price Guide for a PR-67 BN is $15,000. Please note that if PCGS didn't like the coin, they wouldn't have graded it.
Price: $10,950
1934 Lincoln cent DDO FS-101 PCGS VF-35
Although the doubled die is difficult to see in the pic, it is clear with the coin in hand, and PCGS agrees, as the variety is listed on the holder. Was $260.
Price Reduced
Price: $195
1955 cent NGC PF-65 RB, bright red obv. toning
Price: $225
1955-S cent PCGS MS-64BN, nice toning
Price: $90
1956-D cent, PCGS MS-65RB, nice toning
Price: $80
1957-D Lincoln cent PCGS MS-66RB, wonderful toning
Color is much more intense than in the pic. Was $425.
Price Reduced
Price: $340
1960-D/D Cent FS-101 PCGS MS-66 RD
Was $700.
Price Reduced
Price: $400
1960-D/D Cent FS-101 PCGS MS-65 RD
Price: $200
1984 Lincoln cent DDO FS-101 AU-55
Price: $135
1998-S Cent Close AM PCGS PR-69 DCAM
Was $450.
Price Reduced
Price: $395