Maybe you've been collecting for 20 to 30 years and you've decided now is a good time to sell. Or maybe you've just inherited a collection and you don't know what it's worth. Or maybe you've found a bag of old coins and wonder what they are. In any case, you might want to find a professional who can answer all of these questions and help you get the best price for your collection.


  • Over 40 years experience
  • Have bought and sold many coins, including several rare coins with very few known
  • Knowledge as a result of my experience plus an extensive (and well-used) reference library
  • Attend many national and large regional coin shows and conventions
  • Relationships with specialized dealers and buyers, to help you realize the highest price
  • Knowledge of coin errors and varieties
  • No coin shop - - think of all those overhead expenses you won't have to pay for
  • Member of professional organizations - ANA, PCGS, NGC, LSCC, EAC, JRCS
  • Relationships with major numismatic auction houses

I always need to buy coins, in order to have coins to sell. I prefer to buy coins of the same types that I sell, including Bust and Seated half dimes, Bust and Seated dimes, Bust and Seated quarters, Seated halves, and Seated dollars. I also seek out low grade coins for the rarer dates, as I do have customers who are interested in those coins. I will be happy to make a fair offer on your collection, a part of it you wish to sell, or any one or several coins.

Please DON'T DO 3 things or you will probably significantly reduce the value of your coins:

  • DON'T clean any of your coins
  • DON'T remove any coins from their holders
  • DON'T fold any currency

I also buy esoteric items, including 1923-D and 1930-D dimes, 1815 Large cent, 1818 14 stars Large cent, 1874 half dime, 1846-O dime, 1891 Barber dime, quarter, and half, 1931 Standing Liberty quarter, 1933 quarters, 1804 and 1816 halves, 1836-O half, 1841 Large Letters half, 1915 Walking Liberty half, 1928-D half, 1975 quarter, 1975 half, and 1805 Bust dollar.  If you have any of these coins, please sell them to me as I pay high prices for them!


Note:  At this time, I am not accepting coins on consignment. 

Consignment usually results in a higher amount to you, although it will take more time.  Before any of your coins are marketed, we will agree on the net amount you will receive for each coin.  If you offer me a collection with a substantial amount of coins not in the Bust and Seated silver area in which I specialize, I will evaluate and discuss with you how and where to best sell each part of your collection.  My service includes attributing and grading each coin, recommending slabbing for any coins which would benefit from it, recommending to you a sale price and a net amount for each coin, marketing the coins including posting them on my website, and taking them to shows.  Each of these aspects of my consignment service has a cost in terms of my time and/or money.  Accordingly, I have made changes to my consignment commission schedule, which is as follows:

  • For coins selling between $500 and $5,000 - - 2% of the sale price (nonrefundable) when listed, and an additional 8% of the sale price when sold.
  • For coins selling over $5,000 - - 1% of the sale price (nonrefundable) when listed, and an additional 6% of the sale price when sold.
  • For any "problem" coin (damaged, holed, plugged, excessively scratched, etc.), the commission rate will be 15%. 

The minimum value is generally $500 for any coin taken on consignment.  In the rare event that I accept a coin for consignment under $500, the commission rate is 10% of the sale price (nonrefundable) when listed, and an additional 15% of the sale price when sold.

If your consignment is sold over a period of time, monthly payments will be made as your coins are sold.  You won't have to wait months for your consignment payments!  I reserve the right to not accept any coin sent for consignment if it is not up to my usual standards.  In order to move older inventory, after six months, you will be given the option of having the coin returned, or reducing the price a minimum of 15%.  After a year or so, your coins will be returned to you.  The consignment arrangement can be terminated by either party without advance notice.


I sell coins through this website, and at the largest shows in the U. S. such as Baltimore (3 shows per year), FUN (January each year), and Spring and Summer ANA; regional shows, as well as certain local coin shows in Florida.  If you go to one of those shows, stop by and say Hello!


I always appreciate being offered coins in trade, especially the kinds of coins that I sell. A trade can work out for you, the collector, by allowing you to acquire a coin that you do not have enough available cash to purchase.  A trade can also be good for me by helping replenish my inventory.

Want Lists

I appreciate your sending your want lists for difficult to find rarer coins, especially if it includes the type of coins I sell. I will contact you immediately if anything on your want list arrives into my inventory.  Many coins I sell never make it to the website because they are sold to customers who have provided me with their want lists.

Auction Representation

I attend numerous auctions throughout the year.  If you want me to represent you in person, including lot viewing, consulting on bid levels, and bidding in person on any lot on your behalf, please contact me.  My rates for auction representation are very competitive.  Please remember that one of the most important services an auction representative can provide is to keep you from buying the wrong coin.  For auctions I do not attend, I usually have a representative available.


I will give you a "ballpark estimate" of the value of the whole collection at no cost to you, up to two hours at a location in the Sebring, FL area.  If I need to travel, there will be a fee for travel time and mileage.  If you need a written appraisal for estate, insurance or tax purposes, my fee is $75 per hour, because this requires me to do much more work.  If I buy the collection or a substantial portion of it from you within 60 days of the appraisal, half of your appraisal fee (up to 4 hours) will be credited to you.  Appraisals are customarily performed at a bank, but in special situations, other arrangements can be made.

I have retired as a full-time coin dealer.

Accordingly, this website is now closed.

Thank you for your business and friendship over the years.

- - Rich Uhrich