Bust Halves
We have a nice 1802 in PCGS F-15, an 1812 in PCGS AU-53 with nice toning, an 1830 O-108 in PCGS AU-53 with great toning, and a nice 1839 in PCGS VF-35. 
1806 Half O-114 R5 NGC AU det., obv. scratched
Despite the obverse scratch (which is much less visible in hand than on the picture), this is a very attractive coin, plus it is a scarce R5 variety also!
Price: $4,850
1807 O-112 R1 VF30 clnd ex ANACS
maybe PCGS F15???
Price: $525
1807 Capped 50/20 O-112 R1 F-12
Was $475.
Price Reduced
Price: $400
1809 O-106 R3 PCGS XF-40 CAC nice color!
Was $800.
Price Reduced
Price: $725
1823 Half O-106a PCGS XF-40, wonderful obv. toning
Toning is more stunning in hand than in the pic. New TrueView photo from PCGS. Was $2,650.
Price: $2,450
1825 O-113 R-1 PCGS AU-50
Nice obverse toning! Was $900.
Price Reduced
Price: $775
1827/6 Half O-102 R1 PCGS XF-40
Beautiful multi-colored obverse toning, with less toning on the reverse. The nicest toned 1827/6 I have seen. New TrueView photo from PCGS. Was $2,200.
Price: $1,650
1827 O-105 R3 VF-20 clnd.
Was $85.
Price Reduced
Price: $70
1827 O-107 R3 EF-40
Was $225.
Price Reduced
Price: $150
1828 O-110 R2 square 2 VF clnd., scrs. and pinscrs.
Was $99.
Price Reduced
Price: $65
1830 Half O-108 R3 PCGS AU-53
Had CAC sticker until I sent it in for TrueView. New TrueView photo from PCGS. Was $2,650.
Price Reduced
Price: $2,200
1834 O-118 R4 F-12, scratched
Was $115.
Price Reduced
Price: $75
1836 O-104 PCGS XF-40 CAC
Was $825.
Price: $675
1836 O-119 R3 VG-8 / G-6
Was $65.
Price Reduced
Price: $45
1839 PCGS VF-35
With wonderful toning, especially on the obverse. New TrueView photo from PCGS. Was $1,275.
Price: $1,100
1839-O EF GR-4, R4 170 degree rotated reverse
A rare variety and only the early die states have the 170 degree die rotation.
Price: $3,000
I have retired as a full-time coin dealer.

Accordingly, this website is now closed.

Thank you for your business and friendship over the years.

- - Rich Uhrich