We have an 1873 Large over Small 3 nickel in PCGS XF-45, plus a nice 1877 in PCGS PR-55, and an 1880 in PCGS PR-08, either of which would fit nicely in a circulated set!

We also have several 1914/3 nickels, one P, one D, and two S.  All have the appropriate diagnostics.  We also acquired a wonderfully toned 1939-D Jefferson nickel in PCGS MS-65.  We also have a group of Buffalo nickel varieties including two feather, No F, and 3 1/2 leg Buffaloes, and our prices are lower, and in some cases, much lower than competitors' prices for these varieties!  We carry the best reference book on these varieties, Buffalo Nickels - The Abraded Die Varieties by Ron Pope.  It is available in our Books section.   

Wanted:  Shield nickels:  1868 FS-305(3.45) and FS-310(3.98) (we will pay WAY more than anyone else for this one), 1872 FS-106(7.5), FS-302(7.65), and FS-308(7.8) (we will pay WAY more than anyone else for this one); Buffalo Nickels:  2 feathers Fine and better: 1916-D, 1918-D, 1925, 1926, 1928, 1929, 1937-D; also 1920-S 3 1/2 leg.

1866/1866 With Rays F-12 FS-001
FS-301 is on holder. Was $400.
Price Reduced
Price: $325
1873 Nickel FS-1301 Large/Small Date PCGS XF-45
Same variety as the above coin. Although I do have two of them, these are only the 2nd and 3rd of this variety I have handled, so it is fairly rare. Attributed on the slab.
Price: $5,000
1877 Nickel PCGS PR-55
A rare coin with only approximately 900 minted. But you already knew that. This coin has very choice surfaces, no carbon spots that seem to be on a lot of the proofs, and it is truly a great coin that would be perfect in a high-grade circulated set. Was $3,150.
Price: $3,050
1939-D PCGS MS-65, wonderfully toned
Reverse of 1940. Probably the most attractive toned mint state Jefferson nickel I have ever seen. Was $1,350.
Price: $500
1941-D PCGS MS-66, wonderful toning!
Price: $90
1947 PCGS MS-65, wonderful toning!
Price: $75
1947-D PCGS MS-65, wonderful toning!
Price: $125
1948-D PCGS MS-65, wonderful toning!
Price: $150
1949 PCGS MS-65, wonderful toning!
Price: $60
1981-S Ty. 1 PCGS PR-67 gorgeous toning
We now have a TrueView picture of this wonderfully toned coin. In hand, the obverse fields look like the picture, and the reverse fields are slightly more purple than the picture. A coin that gets a lot of attention!
Price: $895
I have retired as a full-time coin dealer.

Accordingly, this website is now closed.

Thank you for your business and friendship over the years.

- - Rich Uhrich