Seated Half Dimes
We just acquired some great business strikes of 1864 - 1867:  an 1864 in PCGS MS-63, three 1865 in NGC MS-65, PCGS MS-62, and PCGS XF-45, and 1867 in PCGS MS-63.  We also have a wonderful 1841 in PCGS MS-63 with great toning, and two phenomenally gorgeous 1844 half dimes, one an NGC MS-63 and one a PCGS AU-58, plus three 1846 half dimes in PCGS holders (VF-20, G-6 and G-4), an 1849/8 in PCGS MS-64, a nicely toned 1851-O in PCGS XF-40, and an 1853-O No Arrows in PCGS VF-20.  Other Seated half dimes we have for sale include an 1839-O Large O in PCGS G-4, two 1844-O Small o with the rare coin turn reverse, and low-grade examples of 1865 and 1867.  Please offer us any business strike 1863 through 1867 half dimes.  And call us if you find an 1870-S!
1837 Large Date PCGS AU-50
Was $550.
Price Reduced
Price: $500
1837 No Stars Small Date VF-20
Price: $150
1838 EF-40, obv rim filed, rev rim ding
Looks better than it sounds.
Price: $80
1839-O Lg. O (V-1, R6) PCGS Good-4
a very rare variety. This is only the 6th one I have offered for sale, and only the first one graded by PCGS. Variety not designated on holder, but it is obvious. Was $1,500.
Price Reduced
Price: $1,400
1839-O G-5, rev. die crack
The die crack goes from K-1 to K-5 on the reverse.
Price: $60
1840-O No Drapery V-1 Large O VF-20
Was $600.
Price Reduced
Price: $400
1840-O No Drapery V-1 Large O F-12, pinscrs.
Was $450.
Price Reduced
Price: $250
1840-O No Drapery Transitional Good-4
has 3 leaves at each side of "DIME" which is standard for the With Drapery variety. This variety always has a weak date. Was $225.
Price Reduced
Price: $175
1842-O PCGS VF-25
Price: $425
1843 EF-40, obverse bisecting die crack
Price: $100
1844 Half Dime PCGS AU-58
A gorgeously toned half dime! The picture looks pretty good, but the coin jumps when put under the light! Variety with the repunched date. Was $1,350.
Price Reduced
Price: $950
1844-O Small o PCGS Gen., smoothed, AU det., coin turn reverse
Very rare in this grade and also because most 1844-O Small o half dimes have a rotated reverse. The rim has been filed and the right obv. field is a bit rough. Save thousands vs. the NGC AU-55 coin above! Was $1,750.
Price Reduced
Price: $1,100
1844-O Sm. o coin turn rev, Good-4
Price: $160
1846 PCGS VF-20
Was $3,950.
Price Reduced
Price: $3,650
1846 Good-4 PCGS
Was $1,550.
Price Reduced
Price: $1,500
1847 Repunched Date VF-30
Was $115.
Price Reduced
Price: $90
Kept here for illustrative purposes, since so many 1848 half dimes are MISATTRIBUTED as LARGE DATES. If your 1848 half dime doesn't have a date overlapping the rock, THEN IT IS NOT A LARGE DATE!
Price: $115
1849 VF-20, cleaned
Recut 1 in the date, also a die break thru stars 11, 12, and 13. Apparently a tough variety to find, the first one I have seen. Was $150.
Price: $100
1850-O Small o G-4, 20 degree rotated reverse
Was $100.
Price Reduced
Price: $50
1858 Doubled Date VG-8
Not the inverted date, but the much scarcer doubled date.
Price: $115
1858-O G-5, rev. cud
Price: $90
1860 ANACS AU-50 RPD, V-3c
Price: $90
1865 Half Dime NGC MS-65 business strike
Described as Mint Error on the slab, because it has a 45 degree rotated reverse.
Price: $2,350
1865 PCGS MS-62 business strike OGH
Has 45 degree rotated reverse. The splotch in the right obverse field is much less when the coin is in hand.
Price: $1,450
1865 PCGS EF-45 business strike
Price: $1,650
1867 PCGS MS-63 business strike OGH
Coin has prooflike surfaces, but it is definitely a business strike as indicated by the clash marks.
Price: $2,100
1867 G-6, very slight bend, business strike
Was $575.
On Hold
Price: $525
1867-S PCGS VF-35
Could have graded XF on a better day.
Price: $280