Seated Quarters

We just acquired choice original 1853 No Arrows, and 1860-S quarters in mid-circulated grades in PCGS holders.  We have an 1853 No Arrows in PCGS VF-20, an 1858-S Briggs 3-C in PCGS VF-30, and an 1859 in NGC PR-64 Cameo pedigreed to the Richmond Collection.  We are interested in acquiring more 1870-CC thru 1873-CC quarters especially the 1873-CC No Arrows (we can dream can't we),  please offer.

1847-O PCGS F-12
Was $300.
Price Reduced
Price: $265
1853 No Arrows PCGS VF-20
Was $3,850.
Price Reduced
Price: $2,950
1857 Lump in obv. shield VF-30, scr.
Price: $100
1857-S F-12
Was $650.
Price Reduced
Price: $500
1857-S PCGS G-4
Was $225.
On Hold
Price: $175
1859-S PCGS G-4
Was $360.
Price Reduced
Price: $330
1860-S PCGS VG-10
Price: $2,300
1874 EF-40, scr.
Was $110.
Price Reduced
Price: $90
1875 VF-30, wonderful toning on both sides
Was $175.
On Hold
Price: $140
1875-CC VF-20, some pinscrs.
plus one sm. rim bump at "Q" of "QUAR". Was $675.
Price Reduced
Price: $550
1877-CC RPD FS-301 PCGS Gen., smoothed, AU det.
As you can see from the picture, the coin has been polished in the left obverse field. The rest of the coin, particularly the reverse, is Unc. in my opinion. Was $495.
Price Reduced
Price: $425
1879 PCGS XF-40
Was $550.
On Hold
Price: $500