Other 10c thru $1
We are in the process of splitting this category into 4 categories, Other Dimes, Other Quarters, Other Halves, and Other Dollars.  These categories contain coins other than Bust and Seated coins. Therefore, most of these coins are missing until we activate the new categories.  We recently acquired a large group of Roosevelt dimes incl. many tough Roosevelt dime varieties, an outstandingly toned 1948 Washington quarter (PCGS MS-66), some rare Washington quarter varieties (1971 and 1971-D Doubled Die reverses), plus an outstandingly toned 1884-O Morgan dollar, one of the newly-discovered 1919 Doubled Die dimes (PCGS VG-8), a beautifully toned SBA dollar, and a nicely toned Sacagawea dollar in PCGS MS-68, plus a very nicely toned 1904-O Morgan dollar, a date which is rarely seen with such attractive toning.  We also located an 1980-S/S SBA dollar which is a very scarce variety.  We also have an extremely rare Proof 1893/2 dime, a mint state 1942 half with awesome toning, and two PCGS-certified beautifully toned 1922 Peace dollars.
I have retired as a full-time coin dealer.

Accordingly, this website is now closed.

Thank you for your business and friendship over the years.

- - Rich Uhrich